Is it a Psycho Move to Get a Custom License Plate?

Vanity license plates have been all the rage ever since Cosmo Kramer became the AssMan, but, there has to be a line drawn somewhere right?

Not everyone’s nickname for themselves translate to license plate form. If I have to think about what your license plate means for more than 1 second then it fails the test. I don’t have time to study your license plate (except for the one this blog is about, but lets pretend here) while I’m bombing down 95. You have 1 second to make me laugh or nod in approval. And let me tell ya, PASTER, just ain’t doing it.

I texted my buddies asking what the FUCK does PASTER mean? And one of them immediately replies to me with one word; “Priest” like I’m an idiot. Not gonna lie, I was reading that in my head as Paste-er, like he’s the Taster or something. WHAT THE FUCK IS A PASTER? I don’t know, I’m still not convinced that guy was a priest. Lesson of the day? Vanity license plates are ephemeral. Make sure you got something good before dropping $200 on the right to be more easily identified by police.

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