BREAKING: The Red Sox Just Fired John Farrell

Boston Herald – After five years of near constant scrutiny, which never went away despite three division titles and a World Series, John Farrell is out as Red Sox manager. He was fired on Wednesday, two days after the Red Sox lost in the division for the second year in a row.

Yesterday in our Red Sox post mortem I asked the question has the John Farrell era had finally come to an end? John Henry answered that resoundingly this morning, firing Manager John less than 48 hours after the season came to an end. Here’s what I said yesterday on the likelihood of Farrell losing his job.

I think his ultimate downfall is his inability to be that armchair psychologist. Manager John is not the guy that will call someone into his office to lay down on his couch and just talk things through. One of my favorite stories of a manager excelling at this was one about how Terry Francona used to call players over to talk with him right behind home plate as the team took BP. So everyone in the world could see them, but no one could hear them. This is an area where Manager John is sorely lacking, which became painfully obvious on multiple occasions this year, none more so than David Price blowing up on Dennis Eckersley and then essentially defending Price and the situation was never really resolved. In a market like Boston, managing the clubhouse and all its personalities is the No. 1 job requirement, which is why I think Farrell is ultimately shown the door this offseason.

For a guy the Red Sox literally had to trade draft picks to the Blue Jays to acquire, he never seemed to be the John Wayne character we were all led to believe he was. I don’t know if it was a matter of not adjusting to the additional media responsibilities as a manager or if he just doesn’t present well, but Farrell always seemed to be playing catch up. Whether it was defending players that never seemed to have his back or making questionable in-game decisions, the guy always had people second guessing him.

Lets not forget that he did manage the team to a World Series in 2013 though. That may have been a matter of Farrell being along for the ride with a talented and motivated team, but he was still a part of history.

So while I am never the guy clamoring for a manager to lose his job, I think a change was needed. Lets just not trash this guy on the way out the door like we’ve seen with this ownership group so many times before.

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