Eminem Album Coming Soon and He Just Dropped the Gloves on Donald Trump in BET Cypher

Rap-UpIs Slim Shady ready for his return? Four years after The Marshall Mathers LP 2, Eminem will reportedly release his eighth major label solo studio album on Nov. 17, according to HITS Daily Double. 

LETS. FUCKING. GO. The world is just a better place when Eminem is a part of it. His last album MMLP2 went 4x Platinum too so lets not act like his last album didn’t bang. Its been about four years since Em’s last drop so its about that time for him to make his return. You think the guy doesn’t have it anymore? Or he doesn’t still have the fire? Well, I would like to point you to this cypher he did on the BET Awards last night where he goes IN on Donald Trump for 4 minutes straight.

And Twitter was going nuts with huge names like LeBron, Colin Kaepernick, Keith Olbermann and more weighing in on the cypher so this one mayyy have some legs.

Wherever you sit on the political merry go round, you don’t spit like that off the dome for 4 minutes if you don’t have some shit to say. Not that I’m necessarily hoping for a 16 track political commentary from Em, but he’s a 44 year old man who’s seen a lot, and with that age comes shifting perspectives. I for one will be first in line to buy that shit and hear what B Rabbit has got to say.


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