Henry Owens Still Can’t Throw a Strike: Should Probably Be On Suicide Watch

Seriously, someone better take away Henry Owens’ shoelaces and bedsheets.

Henry Owens made his first start for the Peoria Javelinas of the Arizona Fall League on Thursday, walking five and allowing four runs on two hits in just an inning of work. The left-hander issued 115 free passes in 126 innings in the minors this year.”

This guy just cannot get the ball over the plate. Every time I hear a story about him its about how many batters he walked. Honestly feel bad for the guy who clearly has some sort of mental block. Someone please get this guy to a sports psychologist before he just burns the ballpark down.

For a player that was once an untouchable prospect its crazy that now he can’t get through two innings of fall ball without walking a half dozen guys. He does seem to be trying out some new mechanics though dropping down to more of a sidearm release point, so maybe that helps, maybe not, but the guy has to try anything and everything to just get the ball over the plate at this point.

In his last 3 seasons in the minors (leaving his MLB experience out because its limited) his walks have gone from 56 in 122 IP, to 81 in 137 IP, to 115 in 126 IP. Meanwhile the League average in 2017 for Walks per 9 IP (BB9) was 3.2. Owens comes in at a cool 4.9 BB9 career average, but has only gotten worse over the past 3 years with his BB9 going from 4.1 in 2015 to 5.3 in 2016 and 8.2 in 2017 (minor league stats).

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