Tom Brady Now Holds the Record for Most Wins in NFL History

With his 187th regular season win, Tom Brady passed Peyton Manning and Brett Favre to become the NFL’s All-Time wins leader.

Normally after years of deep playoff runs I wouldn’t take too much solace in regular season records, but with 5 Super Bowls on top of that its more than acceptable to stop and smell the roses on this one. Tom Brady, by just about every statistical metric, has no equals.

Thats right, this guy:

went from the 199th overall pick to the all-time winningest player in NFL history. The goddamn GOAT. Not too bad.

Over the years theres been plenty of stories about Tom Brady’s rise and all the work he’s put in, but its hard to beat the gigantic Fuck You to the 6 QB’s taken ahead of Tom Brady that was The Brady 6.

And why is Tom Brady the Greatest Of All Time? This is why.

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