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Here’s to a Speedy Recovery for Gordon Hayward After That Horrific Leg Injury

That was tough to watch last night. Six minutes into his Celtics career Gordon Hayward suffered probably the worst injury I’ve ever seen on a basketball court. I’m talking worse than Paul George and worse than Kevin Ware.

Just the way it happened and Hayward’s reaction to seeing his own leg explode. Nightmare stuff. Feel terrible for the guy. I’m not gonna post the video and honestly if you haven’t seen it yet do yourself a favor and don’t seek it out. Horrific injury.

While it sucks to have arguably the best free agent signing in Celtics history go down in the first few minutes of the season, the C’s rebounded incredibly well in the second half. They were an inch away from tying that game with a last second Kyrie 3 so thats encouraging at the very least.

Charles Barkley is probably right in the sense of competing for a title, but I don’t think they’re suddenly going to struggle to be the No. 5 seed in the dogshit East like he’s suggesting. That injury is a goddamn downer though as we were all getting gassed up to see a special Celtics team. Welp, here’s to a speedy recovery for Gordon Hayward. Hopefully we see ya sooner than later bud.

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