LeBron Rides the Subway Like an Asshole

Celebrities, they’re just like us! This is like when some fashion company started selling ripped, beat up, paint splattered jeans for like $800 dollars and Mike Rowe called it a “blue collar costume for rich people.” Thats exactly what LeBron riding the subway is. Its his Halloween costume as he pretends to be a poor person like the rest of us. Laughing it up for the Gram and posting pics with all his buddies while everyone just wants to get to their miserable jobs and back without getting stuck on a broken down train or being harassed by a heroin addict.

Enter the normal guy with his headphones in just looking to get home without ending up on the wrong end of a World Star knockout video. LeBron is documenting his time on the subway and this guy is NOT having it.

The subway is no place for fun, which is why I’m surprised more pan handlers singing and dancing in the middle of subway cars don’t get absolutely mauled by some angry guy that just got shitcanned from his 9-5. Moral of the story? Keep your head down and your headphones on while riding public transport or risk taking your life into your own hands. Public transport is not for the faint of heart.

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