Travis Kelce is Bizarro Ben Watson After Big Timing His Own Team

In another edition of Thank God I’m a Patriots fan, we have Travis Kelce completely big timing his own team after another shitty Alex Smith interception.

Listen it must be enraging to play with Alex Smith. The guy sucks, then he doesn’t, then he plays at an MVP level at the beginning of this season, but it seems like he’s finally turned back into a pumpkin. And for a really good tight end like Kelce thats gotta be a pain in the ass to deal with, but you’re also a captain my man so being a massive dickhead by throwing your arms up in the air and giving up on a play is not a good look.

In contrast lets take a look at the classic play by Ben Watson against the Broncos years ago when Brady threw an absolute back breaker of an interception.

Unlike Kelce, Watson busts his balls, running from the other side of the field and sprinting around defenders to chase down All-Pro cornerback Champ Bailey at the Patriots goal line. Watson runs at least 110 yards full speed to catch one of the best athletes of our generation and fucking SMOKE Bailey to force the fumble. Didn’t win us the game, but was an all effort play that basically gave Watson a free pass in my brain for all those passes he dropped over the years. Hell I used to joke with my brother that I wonder if Ben Watson’s wife lets him hold the baby. But after that play, I’ll let it slide. Not to mention he’s STILL in the league, playing for the Ravens now. So, long story short, Travis Kelce is bizarro Ben Watson.

PS – In the interest of full disclosure I must confess to having watched several episodes of Catching Kelce while hungover on the couch. Goddamn VH1 just makes such awesomely bad shows I binge watch the shit out of while nursing a hangover.

I also have seen many episodes of Eric Decker’s VH1 show Eric & Jessie.

Okay, now I feel better.


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