Brock Lesnar Possibly Playing Ivan Drago’s Son In “Creed 2”

YahooRemember when Rocky Balboa had to fight Thunderlips in Rocky III? Well, Sylvester Stallone might be resurrecting a similar storyline for the Creed sequel, aptly titled Creed 2, which follows the life and times of Adonis Creed, the fatherless son of the late Apollo Creed. Creed Sr., as you know, was killed by Ivan Drago in Rocky 4. “Sly” recently posted an image of him boxing former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar, who resumed his pro wrestling duties for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) a few years back.

Chalk this up to one of the true blue “sure, fuck it” moments of the sports and entertainment section of your life. Brock Lesnar, the mercurial WWF (Ya I said it, fuck you you nostaligia-stomping tree huggers in the World Wildlife Foundation) superstar, biggest “What if?” in MMA history, and part-time Canadian poacher, may play a supporting role in the never-dying “Rocky” series. Sly actually said in the above mentioned IG post that Drago’s son would be played by someone else but if he sees the reaction to this, would you be shocked if he changed his mind? I mean, Lesnar has the look (muscular, intimidating,…..blond) to play the part, and you don’t really need him to speak, i.e act so depending on how much this character is in the movie this actually could be perfect. so sure, fuck it, let Brock do it.

Really what I can here to blog (If Dougie actually publishes this one) though is that I know “Creed” got great reviews, I love Wallace Michael B. Jordan, blah blah – but seriously these movies need to end. Actually, can we cap the number of movies that can be made for any series not beginning with the word “Fast…” ? No more 15 Star Wars or 78 Avengers. A beginning, a middle, and an end. As God. Shakespeare, and Abraham Lincoln intended it. That’s a cinematic world I hope to some day live in.

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