5 Different Professional Fighters in The Ultimate Fighting Championship Have Simply Refused To Fight Zabit Magomedsharipov.

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(He’s the one in the air, in case you didn’t draw that conclusion)

Sherdog –  The former Absolute Championship Berkut competitor took to Twitter to call out the likes of Myles Jury, Arnold Allen, Yair Rodriguez, Andre Fili and Artem Lobov for turning down a potential bout with him on April 7. According to Magomedsharipov, of those five only Lobov agreed to a fight — only to have his team decline.

Fuckin Dagestan, man. They just don’t want to stop producing the most terrifying MMA fighters alive. It’s bad enough when you have Khabib Nurmagomedov calmly telling fighters they don’t have a shot in hell and they need to give up so he can fight for the title – while reigning down hellfire elbows on their skulls. Now you have this GIGANTIC featherweight who is already such a problem two fights into his UFC career that the entire 145lb division has just said, nah, fuck that. Someone else do it. I mean look at those names above. Myles Jury (a former 155er btw), Yair Rodriguez, Andre Fili. Not only are those guys up there in terms of divisional standing (Fili aside, but he’ll be back into the Top 15), but they make their living going to Goddam WAR. They bring it. They’re all “anywhere, anyone, anytime” guys. That’s what makes this guy Magomedsharipov so special. He’s the limit. He’s where the rest of these guys said yaaaaaa anyone but him.

A little more on the man himself. He’s 14-1 with 12 finishes. His last two opponents – as aforementioned his first two in the UFC – both met their end via rear-naked choke. Also already mentioned, he is from the MMA factory known as the Republic of Dagestan. By “Republic” I mean Dagestan is a subject of Russia’s that sort of operates as it’s own thing because it would be too much of a pain in the ass for Russia to try and control them as much as some of their other regions. Given Dagestan’s proclivity for MMA, you can probably imagine why. A 6’1 featherweight,  when he is stateside (I don’t how often/constant that is) Magomedsharipov trains out of Ricardo Almeida BJJ amongst the likes of Edson Barboza and Frankie Edgar. That gym is known as one of the most underrated in the sport and a great spot for a 26 year natural. Apparently, maybe it’s a little too good for him because now no one wants to fight him.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see how this plays out. It’s hard enough for foreign fighters to rise up the UFC pecking order sometimes, for various reasons, without the road block of not being able to find an opponent. Let’s hope someone rises up soon to accept the challenge because this guy could be a part of the new wave at 145 along with Holloway and Ortega.

(Note: I wonder if between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Zabit Magomedsharipov Dougie will start putting a quota on how much text I can waste of names. Hope note.)


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