Gilbert Burns Was Pulled, Today, From His Fight, Saturday, Because He was 30 POUNDS Away From His Goal Weight

MMAFightingA lightweight bout between Gilbert Burns and Olivier Aubin-Mercier has been scratched from the fight card of UFC on FOX 28…..the UFC explained that upon Burns’ arrival to fight week, the promotion’s medical team “determined that it would be unsafe for Burns to cut additional weight necessary to meet the 156-pound limit,” and thus pulled the Brazilian off the Feb. 24 card……Burns arrived in Orlando weighing 186 pounds.

I know this isn’t page-burning stuff but given the fact that safer weight cutting/weight divisions have been a huge topic in combat sports, particularly MMA, over the past year or so I figured I’d drop a quick one on the subject.

Gilbert “Durinho” Burns, for all intents and purposes, showed up to fight week prepared to cut 30 pounds in about 48 hours. That is an insane amount of weight. That also is isn’t the headline of this story. I’m sure, although not disclosed, that fighters have showed up this heavy plenty of times. But that was before the CSAC in particular passed their stricter weight cutting rules last spring. That was before a number of guys like Renan Barao almost died cutting weight. That was before a Teenage Muay Thai fighter from Australia did. No, the big story here is that well before he even gave his cut a shot, The UFC medical team prevented him from doing so. They pulled the chord. They put their hands together and said, “you know what, we cannot in good conscience let you do this.”

I try not to weigh in on these things because largely I think it’s up to a grown man/woman to decide what they want to do to their bodies. It’s their body and their career. However in this case, where Burns was truly in danger of hurting himself, and has a history of not taking his weight seriously at that, I think it only makes sense to err on the side of caution.

This indeed sets a hell of a precendence for fighters moving forward. Guys and gals like Daniel Cormier (who is actually fighting back at heavyweight next) who always make their trip to the scale a dramatic scene might have to start making some serious life, or division, choices.


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