Former NFL Combine Athletic Freaks Julio Jones and Devin Hester Take Exception to NFL Hyping Up Saquon Barkley’s Athletic Freak Combine Performance. Huh?

USA Today -As expected, Saquon Barkley put on a show at the 2018 NFL combine. His performance inspired NFL Media’s research department to send out this tweet… That didn’t sit well with Hester, who took to Instagram to point out that he was not 100% when he ran in Indy

“No disrespect to S Barkley But I ran in the combine with a pulled hamstring with sneakers on, just so I wouldn’t make it any worse. Was told by all the scouts that if I did bad that I could make it up at pro day. @nfl@nflnetwork@NFLResearch do you really think he was faster then me!!!!😂😂😂😂”

Julio Jones’ reaction wasn’t so polite

“They got me f#%* up! I’m 4.3 with a broken foot”

Jones was diagnosed with a broken foot immediately following his combine performance in 2011. But we should point out that NFL Research did not even mention Jones’ speed in the comparison. Joe Thomas could only laugh at the tweet…

For guys that were literally Pro Bowlers in the National Football League to freak out that the NFL is hyping up this rookie is preposterous. Be more insecure guys. Oh I ran with a bad hammy, oh I had a bum foot that day.

I’m the first guy to yell from the mountaintops that NFL Combine performance doesn’t necessarily mean a whole lot when projecting successful NFL players. Remember Vernon Gholston?

How often does a player run 40 yards completely straight without interruption? The answer is basically never. So a lot of these drills aren’t super relevant, but that doesn’t mean its not goddamn impressive. Just look at this tweet.

He ran a faster 40 than Devin Hester, put up more reps on the bench than Joe Thomas (a Left TACKLE) and he had a higher Vertical than arguably the most athletic player in the NFL in Julio Jones. Does that mean he will be a better NFL player than any of those guys? Of course not, but let me repeat myself, its still goddamn impressive. So for these guys to come out of the woodworks to bitch and moan?


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