East Bridgewater Girls Basketball Team Forced to Apologize After Smoking Another Team 93-7

Yahoo – When is a victory something you don’t take pride in, but something you ought to apologize for? For East Bridgewater (Mass.), the tipping point was an 86-point victory over Madison Park in the first round of a state sectional girls’ basketball tournament. Blowouts happen all the time in high school sports, though rarely with a near-three-figure point differential. But what prompted East Bridgewater Superintendent of Schools Elizabeth Legault to apologize for the margin of victory was the way in which the East Bridgewater Vikings ran up a lead, going up 24-0 in the first quarter … and then continued to push, long after the outcome was no longer in doubt. Per local media reports, the Vikings kept many of their starters in the game until late, kept up the full-court press into the third quarter, and even tossed daggers like pulling for a three-point shot at the end of the third quarter to go up 70-4.

You see these stories pop up from time to time and now the high school was forced to issue an apology. My only question here is how does a quote unquote PLAYOFF team only score 7 points? How long are these games? Like 40 mins? Even if I only dribbled and shot left handed I’d like to think I could sneak in a handful of layups. East Bridgewater should not be embarrassed for putting the beatdown of a lifetime on their opponent. Their opponent should be embarrassed for being terrible at basketball. Running the full court press into the 3rd quarter is kind of a dickhead move though…

If they were playing the school for the blind then I would understand the apology, but this is the playoffs. And if know one thing about Massachusetts, its that we take our girls high school basketball VERY seriously. My high school won the state title when I was there and it was the greatest sporting event I’ve ever witnessed….Ok, not really, but my message to this girls team is still the same. Just go outside, work on your jump shots until the sun goes down, and maybe next year you can break double digits in the playoffs. Baby steps.


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