Terrible News: Ed Hochuli is Retiring. Better News: His Son is Replacing Him

ESPN – NFL referee Ed Hochuli has retired, the league announced Tuesday, ending a colorful career that made him one of the most recognized game officials in American sports. Known for his long-winded explanations and exposed biceps, Hochuli, 67, will serve as an independent consultant to the league. The NFL promoted his son, back judge Shawn Hochuli, to replace him.

What a sad, sad day it is here at The 300s. Ed Hochuli is retiring after 28 YEARS. The guy has been an NFL referee for literally my entire life. I’ve never known an NFL without Ed Hochuli. Ed Hochuli is and forever will be the most famous and popular referee in the history of organized sports. A lawyer from Monday to Friday (no, seriously)

Hochuli would over explain every call to a hilarious effect. Not to mention his absolute GUNS of course.

The guy had bigger biceps than half the players he was officiating. Ed Hochuli looked like he could throw on some pads and de-cleat someone tomorrow. I’ll miss you, Ed. Let us never forget the stories of him being an absolute curmudgeon when spotted out in public.

How about the fact that his son is taking his spot too? LEGACY! The Hochuli’s are about to establish a dynasty that could last 1,000 years.

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