Happy Trails, Ed Hochuli

Editor’s Note: We’ve experience a reblog today, but its Ed Hochuli; he deserves it.

It’s a sad day in the world of sports officiating, as 67-year-old Ed Hochuli has finally decided it’s time to hang up the boy’s medium referee uniform that he’s wearing for the past 28 NFL seasons.  It’s hard to believe that Guns McGee has been roaming NFL sidelines since before Tecmo Super Bowl for NES hit store shelves.

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Ed Hochuli is a legend in his own time. He’s the only official in sports that is known by name but not because he’s an insufferable bastard. [Looking at you, Joe West.] Countless hours at Gold’s Gym, before it was fashionable, is what made Hochuli a household name. That and his Juris Doctor degree.

Sure, some of Ed’s explanations could be a little bit long winded. But I always enjoyed a mini episode of Law & Order in between plays.

But every once in awhile, you’d actually learn something new about the NFL rule book from one of his soliloquies.

The good news today is that at least the NFL sidelines won’t be without a Hochuli next year. Back judge Shawn Hochuli has been promoted to referee and will take his dad’s place.

Only time will tell if Shawn, #83, will ever be able to fill his dad’s sleeves.

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