The Stars Are Aligning for Richard Sherman to Join the New England Patriots

It would appear that the stars are aligning for Richard Sherman to join the New England Patriots. The Seahawks informed Sherman that they planned to release him on Friday, per Adam Schefter. It hasn’t happened yet, but Schefty’s word is God as far as NFL circles are concerned so its coming. Sherman will now enter Free Agency with a certain team just south of Boston in the market for a cornerback. Why does the fit make sense? A few reasons:

    • Richard Sherman has always been very vocal about his immense respect for Tom Brady and the Patriots.

  • He’s a veteran coming off an injury who’s likely looking for a short term “prove it” deal as he’s unlikely to get the big money long term deal he would want.
  • The Patriots have a history of buying low on veteran players from Corey Dillon to Rodney Harrison, Randy Moss, to more recent examples like Chris Long, Dion Lewis, and Martellus Bennett.
  • Sherman is TALL for a cornerback. He’s 6’3″ and as Bill Belichick is known to do, he routinely constructs his roster for the upcoming year tailored to the types of teams they’re playing. In 2018 the Patriots will play the Packers, Vikings, and Texans who feature receivers over 6’0″ including:
    • Jordy Nelson – 6’3″
    • Stefon Diggs – 6’0″ / Adam Thielen 6’2″
    • DeAndre Hopkins – 6’1″
    • Not to mention teams in their division like the Bills who feature a 6’5″ Kelvin Benjamin.
  • You could see it last year when they went out and signed Stephon Gilmore (6’0″) and in the other cornerbacks they’ve started to fill the team with:
    • Johnson Bademosi – 6’0″
    • Duron Harmon – 6’1″
    • Eric Rowe – 6’1″
  • The only Patriots cornerback to crack the top 10 in snaps played last year was Malcolm Butler who was? Yup, 5’10” The Pats may look to go a route similar to the way they built their defense in 2014 when they featured big, tall, physical corners in Darelle Revis (6’0″) and Brandon Browner (6’4″).
  • Not to mention this:

So it seems like it would be a great fit, assuming Sherman’s achilles is up to snuff, I don’t see a way this doesn’t happen. A team like the Jets or the Browns could blow him away with big money, but I can’t see a competitive freak like Sherman, after years playing on arguably the best defense in football, suddenly playing for the Jets just because of a bigger paycheck.

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