The Pats Haven’t Done Shit In Free Agency Which Makes Me Scared And Sad

In case you have been living under a rock NFL-wise free agency got off to an absolutely chaotic start yesterday. I’m sure if they tried to show a visual of players changing teams it would look like the daily FAA domestic flight tracker – that wild. the Patriots have done a whole lot of nothing however, save trading for Danny Shelton which isn’t a FA move as much as it is also just happens to coincide with the beginning of the league year. Now don’t gt me wrong, I really like the Shelton move. We gave up very little for a guy who was seen as a Pats target a few years ago before he was taken #13 overall. He is GIGANTIC (~340lbs) and if he can play up to even 75% of his potential, he’ll team with Malcolm Brown to form of the most formidable interior d-lines around.

That’s where it ends for the Pats though, in free agency, for now. And it’s stressful to watch. Trumaine Johnson, a great CB I thought for sure the Pats would look into went to the in-division rival Jets. Swiss Army Knife LB Anthony Hitchens, who may have been created in a dream Coach Belichick had in 2nd Grade, signed with the Chiefs. to add salt in the wound, Danny Amendola left town to make a guaranteed $8.5 million over 2 years with the (again, in-division) Dolphins. I know he’s getting up there and injury prone, but that’s not a bad price for Danny Playoffs and we could have at least hedged our bets of losing him and keeping another aging, oft-inured WR in Julian Edelman with making a play for the Dolphins own Jarvis Landry, but nope.

Look, I know goes more into this than the headlines, The Fins got two picks for Landy. The last do-it-all LB Belichick made a splash with ended up being the worst deal in Pats history (rhymes with Spragalius Domus). Still, It’d be nice to see us at least doing some more visible due diligence, maybe getting in a bidding war or two. Anything to make it seem we’re trying to make it worth Brady and Gronk’s while, among other things. In the end it will always be in Belichick we trust, and we all know that. I guess I just wish he didn’t make us live in constant fear.


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