Dunkin’ Does It Again!


Image result for shut up and take my money – Lifestyle running brand Saucony… has teamed up with Dunkin’ Donuts to create an orange and magenta-infused version of its Kinvara 9 in anticipation of the Boston Marathon. The collaboration honors the “symbiotic relationship between running, coffee and donuts,” according to a press release…

The Saucony X Dunkin’ Kinvara 9 is available to pre-order for both men and women starting Tuesday for $120. The orders will ship April 3, when the shoe will also be available at Marathon Sports locations and on

$120! That’s it? When I saw these bad boys on Twitter I thought the price would easily be higher than $300. I might have to stock up on these kicks because they are fresh.

I’ve always admired the “America Runs on Dunkin” campaign and this latest move fits that campaign, and their brand, to a T. Orange and magenta running shoes with donuts on them? That’s kind of funny! It’s good to see Dunkin’ not taking itself too seriously. I can’t imagine putting on a pair of running shoes with this lady staring at me:

Image result for starbucks logo

That logo would feel more at home on the iPad case of the self-important guy at Starbucks who sits there for three hours a day to complain about Brookline zoning laws on Twitter.

With a price of $120, these shoes might actually end up on the feet of some normal, everyday Dunkin’ drinkers. A win for the common man! Compare that to the Pizza Hut Pie Tops. One pair of Pie Tops on eBay is currently going for $2750. Any one who can afford a pair of Pie Tops probably hasn’t eaten Pizza Hut in decades.

Dunkin’ piggy backing on the Boston Marathon is another a great move. America runs on Dunkin’, but Boston is Dunkin’s home base. As a Bostonian, I love seeing Dunkin’ embrace its roots. I’d also love to see how many Dunkin’s are on the marathon route.


PS – This commercial is more than a decade old but I still can’t get this song out of my head. You’re welcome.

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