Science Now Confirms Hand Dryers Are Disgusting

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FOX 2 now – Washing your grubby mitts is one of the best ways to cut your chances of getting sick and spreading harmful germs to others, but a new study may make you think twice before you use air hand dryers in public restrooms.

Researchers at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine found the dryers may suck in bacteria from flushing toilets and spread it onto your hands.

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This news doesn’t affect me – I’ve always been a paper towel guy. It’s just nice to know that science has finally come around to confirm my hunch that bathroom air blowers are disgusting, useless, time wasters. Maybe now we can discuss whether or not it is absolutely necessary to wash our hands after every. trip. to. the. bathroom.

I’m not asking to amend hand-washing guidelines for doctors or food service employees. I’m not saying that the rest of us should never wash our hands. I’m just asking that regular guys who work in office buildings not be shamed if they skip washing their hands every once in a while.

If a guy is in a regular office 9 – 5 every day, sucking down TB12 amounts of water at his desk, should he have to wash my hands after every trip to the men’s room? The correct answer is no. The less time in the men’s room the better. Especially now that we know all of the germs we wash off our hands are being replaced by other people’s piss. Literally. I’ll skip the sink and keep my own germs instead of trading germs, thanks.

George Carlin, right again.

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