The 300s Plays the Ponies: Kentucky Derby Edition

So with one of the biggest gambling days of the year, the Kentucky Derby, falling on one of the biggest drinking days of the year, Cinco De Mayo, it was only right for the whole staff to put down a month’s worth of rent on some ponies. Live odds for the Kentucky Derby can be found right here, but its almost better if you don’t even know the odds because if you tell me you know what you’re talking about I immediately picture Kramer at the track.

Without further ado The 300s Plays the Ponies:

Big Z: I’m taking Bolt d’Oro as my pick. My trifecta pick is Bolt d’Oro, Good Magic, and Vino Rosso 1-2-3. I’m picking this on Friday morning, so hopefully no one ends up at the glue factory before tomorrow night. I’ll never forget the time my dad bet on a horse at Suffolk Downs during the Hot Dog Safari that broke its leg on the way to the post.

Papa Giorgio: Justify and Mendelssohn getting the early love from the experts, My Boy Jack is my vote based on the name alone. Derby is a great race to bet, best spread all good ponies, good way to make some cash

Joey B: Flameaway. The New York Times described this horse as girtty and thats all I need to hear. Tom Brady is gritty. Frankie Edgar is gritty. Prime Kobe was gritty. Flameaway at 30-1? C’mon. Lets fucking go.

Red: Full disclosure, I am basically picking my horse the same way your girlfriend picks March Madness games; its all in the name baby. I’m taking Magnum Moon at 13-1. Apparently he was just crushing the competition during Kentucky Derby qualifiers and his trainer Todd Pletcher won the Derby last year. And with a name like Magnum? The choice is already made for me.


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