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Is Tonight a Must Win for the Celtics?

Despite what I said yesterday about not panicking just yet and how I think the Celtics aren’t in trouble yet, tonight is still an absolute hands down must win. There is zero chance this young Celtics team can go into Cleveland and steal a Game 6, especially after getting trounced there twice already, and then come back and take a Game 7 in back to back games.

Even The Truth agrees:

“The Celtics have to win in six,” he said. “They have to win in six. They have to win this game and they have to get the road win in Cleveland. I’m just not comfortable with having LeBron in Game 7 — no matter where it is . . . Unless you have the Truth on your side, I’m not comfortable with that.”

The Celtics need Jaylen Brown to stop getting stuffed by KYLE KORVER, they need Marcus Smart to stop cosplaying as Ray Allen, and they need Al Horford to play like the max player he is. Sprinkle in a little Scary Terry and just throw Marcus Morris and whoever else out to just make LeBron work and you have a good shot. However, if Brad Stevens doesn’t adjust from the last two thumpings and the Celtics continue to allow bums like JR Smith to bury them, then they’re in for a world of pain.

Thankfully the Celtics have been money at home in the playoffs this year and have yet to lose a game. LeBron can definitely smell blood in the water, but the guy is going to get his. If LeBron drops 45 and 15 and the Celtics lose I can live with that. What I cannot live with is Korver, Smith, George Hill and Tristan Thompson being the reason we lose.

I think getting in front of the home crowd will be an elixir for those young guys and give a little more ammo for guys like Smart and Morris to be the glorious dickheads that they are.

We don’t need another “young, overachieving” Celtics team playing its role as jester before stepping up to get its head cut off on national TV by King LeBron. We already saw that episode in 2015 and 2017.

Don’t forget, the Celtics have chased LeBron out of Cleveland before. Do it again.

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