The 300s Reviews: Double Dare

Double Dare made its triumphant return to Nickelodeon last night and did not disappoint.

The set looked fantastic, less a modern interpretation and more a modern recreation of the classic set. The classic theme music was there and the classic format of the show wasn’t touched, only the dollar amounts for questions and physical challenges to account for inflation.

The questions were written very much like they were thirty years ago. Questions like “What chemical compound is H2O?” are still followed by questions like “In geometry, a dodecahedron is any polyhedron with how many flat faces?” It can be fun to see some kids rattle off answer after answer, but the physical challenges are what the show is known for.

[The answer is 12 faces on a dodecahedron, by the way.]

The physical challenges and obstacle course featured some classic stunts and some new stunts that fit right in. Pick It and the hamster wheel made returns, and I hope the gumball machine isn’t too far behind.


The obstacle course bonus round is still the highlight of the show, and the grand prize last night was a trip to space camp. Who didn’t want to go to space camp when they watched this show as a ten-year-old?

Liza Koshy, a YouTube personality with more than 15 million subscribers, did a fine job hosting what I imagine is her first game show. Hosting a game show isn’t easy, but she looked at ease with the young contestants. She also looked at ease with the show’s announcer, original host Marc Summers. I was pretty disappointed when I first heard that Summers wouldn’t be hosting, but his duties included more than just normal game show announcer duties and he supported Koshy very well.

I know Nickelodeon is a kid’s channel, but there’s no way they made this show without thinking about how to get millennials to flip over to Nick an hour before the nightly Friends marathon.

Dismiss Double Dare as a kid’s show if you wish, but it will be your loss.



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