Danny Ainge Should Give the Spurs a Godfather Offer for Kawhi Leonard. Godfather: Part II, I Mean

No, no, no, not a “Godfather offer” as is commonly used to describe an offer you cannot refuse. I’m talking about a Godfather: Part II offer.

Rumors are starting to heat up surrounding the Spurs’ trade partners for Kawhi Leonard, which the Celtics are prominently mentioned in. The Spurs have to trade Kawhi and Danny Ainge knows it. The whole league knows it. So why he would go out on a limb and trade one of his best young players for a guy that is almost assured to walk in 12 months is asinine. Sure Kyrie could walk at the end of next year too, but you traded an injured Isaiah Thomas and the No. 8 pick for 2 seasons of him.

Offer the Spurs a couple of low draft picks and maybe a bench guy like Terry Rozier and see if the Spurs bite. If not, then good day sir because I like this team heading into next season as is. The Celtics don’t have to add Kawhi. The Spurs do have to trade Kawhi though. And it would seem from all the rumors out there that the Spurs would rather send him East just to spite him rather than simply handing him to the Lakers.

Advantage: Ainge.

So let them take your blatant low ball offer, or they can go digging for gold with the Lakers, who, ironically considering the title of this blog, are now rumored to be planning a “Godfather offer” for the Spurs.

Your move, Danny. Don’t mortgage the future for 12 months of a guy who played only 9 more games in the NBA than me last year. I would love Kawhi Leonard on this team, but only on our terms. There’s no sense in pushing all your chips to the middle of the table for ONE run at this, not with Golden State still lurking in the West.

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