Taunton Jackasses Taunt Goat

Three Taunton men have been arrested after police said a video circulated on social media of them blowing marijuana smoke into a goat’s face… [The goat] is now in the care of Animal Control, and is expected to be okay.

Image result for what the hell is wrong with you people gif

I have so many questions about this case. How high were these morons? How high do you have to be to think this sort of thing would be funny? Why did they have a goat in the first place? Are people keeping goats as pets these days? I will be very interested to see how this one plays out in court.

I’m glad to hear the goat will be okay, but I do wish it had kicked someone’s teeth out. That would’ve been the best form of justice in this case.

On a more upbeat note, this story reminded me of the goat on the classic Adam Sandler album What the Hell Happened to Me? If you didn’t have that album in middle school then you missed out. Do yourself a favor and give it a listen to start your Friday. I hadn’t heard it in a decade, and it still cracks me up.

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