The Atlanta Falcons Finally Figured Out How to Work the Roof of Their Space Ship Stadium

USA Today – Mercedes-Benz Stadium’s crown jewel when it opened last year was the futuristic retractable roof that looked super-cool when it opened and closed. Except the roof had a ton of problems – there was a leak during the college football championship game and the thing had problems opening and closing.

The Falcons finally figured out how to work the sunroof on their own stadium. Just shy of a year since it opened too!

All these hype videos are cool, but fail to mention the fact that the roof itself takes EIGHT MINUTES to open. This is 2018, I don’t have eight minutes.

Apparently the guys building the stadium last year realized they weren’t going to have time to finish it so they just mailed it in.

“The issue with the roof… is ensuring that the weight distribution along each section of the rail is precise to keep the panel level and keep it from wearing down the rails.

We got to a point, quite frankly, where we said, you know what, let’s just sit that aside for a little and get everything else in 100 percent tip top shape, and then let’s just come back and work on the fine tuning of the roof afterwards.”

Almost have to respect the move. But hey its all good now, the Falcons have a nifty roof! The envy of the Brewers, the Blue Jays, the Astros, the Cowboys and retractable dome teams everywhere. Definitely worth $700 million in taxpayer money.

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