The Big Mac Economy is Here! Introducing the MacCoin

USA TODAY – It’s not exactly pennies from heaven, but McDonald’s is planning to make it rain coins to celebrate the Big Mac’s 50th anniversary.

Starting at the lunch rush on Thursday, customers can receive a MacCoin with the purchase of a Big Mac at 14,000 participating restaurants across the United States, McDonald’s announced Sunday. 

And what’s the coin good for? Another Big Mac.

Customers can redeem the new currency for a free Big Mac starting Friday and running throughout the rest of 2018.

A+ move by McDonald’s once again. These MacCoins are going to turn the #1 into the adult Happy Meal and they are going to be hunted down like McDonald’s Beanie Babies in 1999. In 1999, though, I had to convince my mom to take me to McDonald’s. This time around I’ll be able to eat as many Big Macs as it takes to collect all five MacCoins.

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I’ll bet these MacCoins will be hoarded like those Beanie Babies, too. More than six million MacCoins will be distributed, but how many will actually be redeemed? Why redeem it for a free Big Mac now when I can put it into a change jar for 14 years and then sell it on eBay for $28?

It would be really cool if they didn’t have any expiration date, like cash. McDonald’s could create its own shadow currency, backed by the full faith and credit of Ronald McDonald. What better way to put the Big Mac Index to the actual test? How many MacCoins would it take to buy a house?

Just make sure to watch out for the Hamburglar. That guy would turn into Vito Corleone in the new Big Mac Economy.

Image result for hamburglar

But with an expiration date of December 31, these coins will turn into MBTA tokens pretty quickly. Maybe if we’re lucky, someone on Etsy will turn them into cuff links next year. No way you can run a McDonald’s if you’re not rocking Big Mac cuff links.

So it looks like I’ll be heading back to the McDonald’s I got my Big Mac sauce from last year for lunch on Thursday. Maybe dinner too.

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