Liquid Gold in a Bottle


I take the fast food beat at The 300s seriously. Very Seriously. I was planning on heading over to my local Taco Bell yesterday to get my hands on the new Naked Chicken Chalupa that I wrote about earlier this month. That plan was placed on hold, though, when I heard McDonald’s was planning to give away 10,000 bottles of Big Mac Sauce.

[Nice job stealing the spotlight away from Taco Bell yesterday, McDonald’s! I didn’t see Taco Bell on the NBC Nightly News!]

Unfortunately for my Boston colleagues, Boston was not selected as one of the locations for this giveaway. Thankfully, a McDonald’s not too far from my undisclosed location was selected.


Here’s the part where I’d love to tell you about what a zoo it was. But it wasn’t. I got there 20 minutes early,  was 21st in line, and they gave out approximately 100 bottles. The line was cordial, respectful and honestly painless. The line got going at 1 pm, and I walked out with my bottle at 1:02. Good work McDonald’s!


When I got home, I fought the urge to put this puppy on eBay. Curiosity got the best of me, though, and all of the hassle to mail a bottle of salad dressing didn’t seem worth the fifty-odd bucks I’d probably pocket after fees and shipping.

The verdict? Pretty good. It’s impossible to recreate the Big Mac in your kitchen, but this sauce makes a homemade version a little more believable than Thousand Island dressing does. You won’t make many, though. At 11.4 ounces, I feel like my bottle is almost half gone after one night.

Of course this giveaway is also meant to highlight the new Grand Mac and Mac Jr. that McDonald’s recently introduced.


The Grand Mac (aka McKinley Mac) has been a secret menu item for years, but now I won’t need to speak in code to order one. Seems like a no brainer; it’s basically a Double Quarter Pounder with Big Mac Sauce swapped in for ketchup. The original Big Mac is a bit skimpy, to be honest. I probably won’t be trying the Mac Jr. any time soon for that reason, but the Mac Jr. could be a solid late-night menu option for some.

Like any new fast food menu offering, it’s for a limited time only. We’ll see how long that is, but it’s a moot point. McDonald’s won the day, again. Sorry, Taco Bell. You gotta beat the champ to be the champ. But you’re a competitor, and I look forward to your next crazy concoction. It’s a great time to be in the fast food game.


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