EA Sports Edited Colin Kaepernick’s Name Out of a Song on the Madden 2019 Soundtrack

YahooEA Sports apologized on Thursday night for the editing out of Colin Kaepernick’s name in the soundtrack of its “Madden 19” video game , calling it “an unfortunate mistake.” The gaming company also said that it will provide an update for the game that will add Kaepernick’s name back into the song. “We made an unfortunate mistake with our Madden NFL soundtrack,” EA Sports said in the statement. “Members of our team misunderstood the fact that while we don’t have rights to include Colin Kaepernick in the game, this doesn’t affect soundtracks. We messed up, and the edit should never have happened.

Morons. Absolute morons that just cannot get out of their own way. I honestly don’t think anyone inside the NFL offices can walk and chew gum at the same time.

Yes, I’m 100% pulling out my Jump to Conclusions mat on this one…

but, I’m sure the NFL heavily influenced this situation by EA Sports to censor the song. Even if they didn’t its just a bad look for everyone involved. Not to mention, it’s excellent fodder for Colin Kaepernick’s lawyer in their collusion lawsuit against the NFL.

Nothing screams that you’re blackballing a guy like going so far as to censor the mere mention of his name from appearing in your video game IP.

Unintentionally hilarious explanation of the lyrics that were censored too:

“The song, “Big Bank” by YG featuring 2 Chainz, Big Sean and Nicki Minaj, is one of several songs featured on “Madden 19.” In the song, Big Sean raps the following lyrics:

Feed me to the wolves now I lead the pack and s***
You boys all cap, I’m more Colin Kaepernick

In these words, Big Sean expresses his admiration for Kaepernick as someone who is focused on being true to himself instead of playing up his accomplishments, as explained by genius.com.

“As explained by genius.com.” We’ve all been there. Listen, I love rap, its my favorite genre of music, but even I don’t know what the hell guys are talking about half the time.

Would it have been easier to just, ya know, not include the song? Sure, but that would be too easy. Theres too many lawyers in those closed door meetings looking for the most convoluted solutions to every problem. Occam’s razor, boys. The easiest solution is usually the best solution. Instead they had to overthink it and created national headlines about Colin Kaepernick once again.

Keep messing up like this and ESPN NFL2K is gonna rise from the dead to come for that ass.

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