Johnny Manziel Makes His CFL Debut Tonight

Jonathan “Football” Manziel makes his CFL debut tonight for the Montreal Alouettes.

I have never been more pissed to have Red Sox Yankees tickets than I am tonight because god damnit I was going to find a way to stream this game.

After joining the Hamilton Tiger Cats this season, Manziel never saw the field, which as we debated could be bad or it could be the fact that the entrenched Hamilton starting QB was putting up NUMBERS. So I’m going to reserve judgement because I still think he can wreck this league, if not the NFL.

Then he was recently traded to Montreal, a team at the bottom of the league so it didn’t take long for the Alouettes to unleash the former Heisman winner.

I don’t think Buffalo Wild Wings streams CFL games so if anyone knows where I can watch some of that sweet, sweet Canadian futbol tweet me @The300sBoston

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