In Offense To Big Z’s Defense of Dan Shaughnessy From My Column Taking Down Dan Shaughnessy

Here’s the thing. Bill Belichick doesn’t like bullshit questions. He is not here to be reality T.V. To be dramatic. I think that is where anyone who hates him finds their disconnect. You have middle aged me now watching (BECAUSE HAHA ISN’T THIS FUNNY AND IRONIC AND I’M COMFORTABLE WITH MYSELF) the bachelor. Of course they are going to hate Bill Belichick not talking about OOOOO the Malcolm Butler benching.

But have you ever heard Belichick field a question about….football? He LOVES it. When Ebner got hurt last year and someone asked him how it was going to effect kick coverage, he went onnnnnnnn and on about coverage and the x’s and o’s and who knows what. He just does not want to talk about bullshit side stories that have zero to do with winning football games. Are they interesting for us to talk about on a rainy day or at the? Sure. No one will deny that. But they don’t matter to the Hooded One.


-Joey B.

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