Ts and Ps To Topanga’s Ex Lance Bass On Losing Out On The “Brady Bunch” House

Sooo good people….I copied and pasted something else so I no longer have the link to this story. Luckily you can hit CTRL+T and just google this story as every news outlet is covering it as if some great injustice is being done to an American treasure.

First and foremost Lance Bass is the 4th most important member of Nsync. There’s Timberlake, the guy with the initials, Joey Fatone, and then Lance Bass. Yes Fatone is above him because he was in “Rent” and although Broadway is dumb because there is NO FUCKING REASON to break into song all randomly and shit, massive amounts of people consider “Rent” culturally significant. So sorry Lance, you are only above the guy who got directly threatened by Eminem.

As for the story at hand, my only real angle on this is it is interesting how badly the “Brady Bunch” house got cucked in terms of famous pop culture residences by the “Full House” house. I’m sure until Danny Tanner and the gang came along people gave many more shits about the Brady’s dwelling, but now, the Tanner’s is definitely the more well known of thw two. Yours truly even visited it when I was in SF in 13′.

This all makes the fact that Lance Bass is “heartbroken” absolutely ridiculous. Bro you were not even BORN when this show went off the air (I think, again I’ve promised too many times to not do research to only now start doing research). Stop acting like someone has violated your auction rights by backdooring you out of a semi-famous (these days) T.V house. Put on your big boy pants, take this L, be a man, and just wait to buy Demi Lovato’s house once she dies. Problem solved.

-Joey B.


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I'd like to take this chance to apologize to absolutely nobody. Views from the 617. Primarily MMA and pop culture takes from down in the rabbit hole. Sports straight out of left field.
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