#RushHourRap – Eminem Just Dropped a New Album Called Kamikaze From the Clouds

I went to bed last night after another victory on the battlefield that is beer league softball only to wake up this morning to see Eminem released a new album, Kamikaze.

No warning. No hints. No viral marketing campaign as he tends to do. Nope. Just a brand new album to close out the summer. I haven’t listened to it yet so we’ll be in this together, but the Spotify link is embedded below to put some flava in ya ear.


The only heads up was a tweet from Em featuring a sample of a song he made for the new Venom movie. Dope, but did not prepare me for 13 new tracks from Marshall.

I thought Em’s last album, Revival, was pretty good, nothing amazing. It was enjoyable, but it didn’t have the unforgettable raps that you’ll save to your memory bank. A tall task for a guy with so many classics over the years for sure. The surprising collab with Ed Sheeran on “River” was my favorite track of the album and the one I revisit the most. There was the anti-Trump anthem “Like Home,” the Cranberries’s Zombie sample “In Your Head,” the tributes to his struggle with addictions and his relationship with his daughter on “Castle” and “Arose” back to back, the Pink feature “Need Me” and of course the opening track “Walk on Water” featuring Beyonce.

All pretty good, but nothing to get people buzzing as critical reception of the album was lukewarm. I think Em took that to heart too. Rather than go on the campaign trail promoting the new album, he dropped it in the middle of the night with a brief and seemingly unburdened tweet.

Here’s to hoping this album is a smash and it inspires Em to go back on another world tour. I saw Marshall at Boston Calling, which was an amazing experience watching the GOAT rapping under steady rainfall.

It was his first time performing in Boston in nearly 20 years with the only other time I’ve seen Eminem live being at MetLife after a 5 hour drive back in 2013.

Do the right thing people, buy the album and force Marshall’s hand.

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