Life Is Meaningless – Emmy Rossum Leaving “Shameless”

First Date Fiona. The Eldest Sister/Matriarch cum temporary fuck-up cum ultimate redemption story and entrepreneur. in real life, one of my ultimate Hollywood crushes is leaving my favorite show effective after this season. Announced just a few days before the beginning of next season, no less.

I mean what the fuck man. I haven’t even read the actual post. I can’t bare to. Thinking like I do about sports when I’m being the GM On The Couch, if this was about her equal-pay dispute, I kind of get it. The show is only a few seasons from shutting the books, that isn’t really up for debate. My friend who watches the show and I have talked about it at length. We finally became full-fledged adults when we acknowledge we’d rather one of our favorite thing – be it a player, a show, etc. – retire on top then limp to a hubris-hewed but humiliating finish. So if she was demanding primo cash for an expiring career, I get the hesitance of the Showtime. Why bother?

The words aren’t really coming at this point folks. I mean what the fuck. I keep hearing that AWESOME quote from “Gone Baby Gone” regarding the forced-into-retirement Captain Morgan Freeman played. “It was an ignominious end to an illustrious career”. Except this isn’t embarrassing as much as it is frustratingly sudden and feels unfair. But I hate telling other adults, like people sometimes do with other folks in pop culture, what is fair and unfair to do with their lives. She has reasons I know. It just sucks. This show led me out of college. It has made me laugh and cry, both hysterically. And now it’s lynchpin (a brilliant William H. Macy is given a lot of credit but it’s Emmy Rossum that fuels this ship) is leaving out of the clouds.

Goddammit Fiona.

****Bloggers note as the adrenaline wears off: The money part I’m wrong on. Most shows end while cashing out their actors. It’s how they get them to stay. “Friends” notably was the first to pay their cast $1,000,000.00 at the end. Fuck.


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