#RushHourRap – Meek Mill and Drake Made Up in Boston So is it Cool to Like Meek Again?

I was at TD Garden on Saturday night when Drake finished off his concert that had already featured him rocking a glow in the dark bullet proof vest, a floating Lamborghini, and a Tron-style basketball court with Terry Rozier, before he finished it off by bringing out his former rap beef nemesis Meek Mill. The roof blew off as people went ape shit while Meek rapped Dreams and Nightmares to the sold out crowd and it. was. awesome.

People forget that Meek and Drake used to work together a lot with songs like Amen and RICO.

If we’re being honest here, I never stopped liking Meek Mill. Even when he was getting body bagged by Drake. When Back to Back dropped in 2016 it was probably a top 3-5 diss track that was legit getting played on the radio. It was superb; the perfect diss track. It essentially buried Meek in the public eye plus he then went to jail not long after that so he was out of sight for a while. Meek of course recently got out of the clinker with a little help from none other than Mr. Robert Kraft, which was ironic because Meek’s music was basically the theme song for the Eagles ripping out the Patriots’ hearts in Super Bowl LII.

But if we’re being honest here, I never stopped liking Meek. The dude has put out some bangers and I think a lot of people forgot just how good he is after the Drake beef. It was too easy to clown Meek and forget about jams like


Ooh Kill Em


So I just hope now that Drake has buried the hatchet with Meek the rest of us can all openly admit how much we enjoy Meek’s music.

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