Aaron Paul AKA Jesse Pinkman is Joining Westworld Next Season

IGNBreaking Bad star Aaron Paul is joining the cast of Westworld for the show’s third season. According to sources close to Deadline, Paul is set to become a series regular, but no official announcement of his character (or how prominent that character will be) has been made.

Paul won three Emmys during the run of Breaking Bad for his portrayal of high school chemistry flunkee-turned meth cook, Jesse Pinkman. Westworld’s showrunners previously teased Season 3 will mark a “radical shift” for the series.

Aaron Paul is such a great actor that in Breaking Bad he grew from a stereotypical townie, small time drug dealer to a meth kingpin escaping from white supremacist slavery. The guy put on an acting tour de force. So naturally I was pretty fucking bummed when the first role he chose after Breaking Bad, when he could’ve done anything, was NEED FOR SPEED.

Somehow that movie bombed to the tune of….wait that movie made $200 MILLION dollars?! Either way, that looked awful so I skipped it and I think a lot of Breaking Bad fans felt the same way.

Since then Aaron Paul has been kind of flying under the radar. He’s actually done 16 projects since Breaking Bad, including the Moses movie Exodus: Gods and Kings, an episode of Black Mirror, and a voice acting credit for Final Fantasy XV. Soo for a guy that seemed like he was on the brink of superstardom it’s been kind of a letdown.

Thats exactly why I am STOKED to hear Aaron Paul is coming to Westworld because that show is at a serious crossroads. I love Westworld, despite how I need an Advil after some of the episodes. It’s one of the few think pieces left on TV; a throwback to shows like LOST, which I think is the perfect comparison. I was a huge LOST guy for the first 3-4 seasons and then the show lost its way and introduced time travel.

Suddenly no one gave a shit about the smoke monster and everyone was working a 9-5 at the Dharma Initiative in the 1970s. It was at that point I was forced to take a step back and ask myself where the fuck is this show going?

So Westworld needs to avoid meandering and it never hurts to bring on more great actors. I have zero idea if he’s going to play a host, a human, a human pretending to be a host, or a host pretending to be a human, but if that show can turn the McPoyles into badass characters, then I can’t wait to see what they do with Jesse Pinkman.

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