In Defense of Jalen Ramsey

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Red is 100% right. Jalen Ramsey talking trash about Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady does ring hollow, and the Patriots will probably hand him the beating of a lifetime this Sunday. Still, I can’t help but admire the balls on this guy.

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The greatest quarterback and greatest tight end of all time are coming to town this weekend and he’s not impressed. But perhaps even ballsier than saying that he doesn’t think Gronk “is as great as people think he is,” was him saying that he could play in the NHL with just six months of training. That is despite the fact that he has never skated. That is a lie that Saul Goodman himself would be proud of.

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It’s also an epic troll job. The number of NHL players bent out of shape over it is incredible.

Jesus Christ guys, get a grip. Everyone talks about how easygoing hockey players are, but these guys seem like an easy group to get a reaction out of. A football player was talking out of his ass guys, not disrespecting your sport. Disrespecting your sport might sound like someone calling it the fifth-most popular sport in the United States after football, basketball, baseball and college football. Hypothetically speaking.

Shout out to the Springfield Thunderbirds, though. They get it.

That’s an A+ response to Ramsey’s claim that he could play in the NHL. That team’s social media manager deserves a raise.

I don’t think his Patriots trash talk will have any impact on Sunday’s game and I don’t believe he will ever play in the NHL, but goddammit do I respect him for having the balls to make these outrageous statements.

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