X-Men: Dark Phoenix Trailer Leaks! LETS GOO

Nerds unite! The first look I’ve seen of X-Men: Dark Phoenix ANYWHERE has finally leaked. I’ll forewarn you, there is no audio as apparently this was taken in Russia so the person who had the video just scrubbed it, but you get a pretty good look into the sweet visuals. Watch the trailer below or check it out here.

I was legitimately worried this movie was going to get shelved after all the setbacks and pushed release dates. Then Disney (Marvel) bought FOX and I wondered if they would ever release the movie and opt to reboot instead.

I am jacked up for a new X-Men movie that could potentially be one of the last we see with the current cast if Marvel does opt to go the reboot route. Well it looks like Dark Phoenix will still see the light of day, in Russia at least.

Thank god because if nothing else this movie needs to help fans forget the absolute garbage that was X-Men: Last Stand. They completely wasted one of the best characters with Dark Phoenix in a movie best remembered for Ian McKellen moving a goddamn bridge.

In the Dark Phoenix trailer we get glimpses of Jean Gray as a child in what looks like a car crash she may have unwittingly caused with her own powers, injuring or likely killing her parents. So thats a dark tone to get things started. Looks like we’ll see the story of how Professor X and Mystique find Jean originally with Cerebro maybe? Lots of Quicksilver, Cyclops getting his famous glasses, an angry Magneto, and Nightcrawler flashing his powers. In. In. In. In. Not a ton of Jessica Chastain in the trailer, but she is supposedly playing a prominent role as a character named Agent Smith.

Shit sorry, wrong one. Here we go.

Why this movie keeps getting delayed I have no idea, but IMDB still has its release date as February 14th, 2019, but thats less than 5 months away so if thats true we would need to start seeing teasers and trailers reeeeal soon.

Hold on, IS THAT SOPHIE TURNER’S MUSIC?? According to Sophie Turner’s Instagram, the official trailer should be dropping tonight! LETS GOOO!


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