Dede Westbrook Thinks Blake Bortles Can Be as Good as Tom Brady…No Really, Though

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In a recent interview with Bleacher Report’s Tyler Dunne, Jacksonville Jaguars second-year wide receiver Dede Westbrook flat-out said he thinks Blake Bortles can easily be as good as Tom Brady.

He then doubled and tripled down on the statement after being asked to confirm his belief twice by what I assume to have been a completely dumbfounded Dunne:

Out of the hallway and into the locker room, second-year receiver Dede Westbrook doesn’t complain about the passer with the Tim Tebow-ugly throwing motion. Like Hackett, Westbrook would benefit from a more prototypical quarterback, and yet there isn’t a drop of gloom in his voice. When told that most outsiders look at Bortles, then Tom Brady, and conclude the Jaguars will never get over the hump, Westbrook is visibly irritated.

“I don’t think that’s a thing,” Westbrook says. “Tom Brady’s great, but he’s been playing football for a really, really, really long time. Who’s to say Blake won’t be that person when he puts that many years in?”

You think Bortles can reach that point? “Most definitely. Most definitely.”

Wait, Dede. A Brady point? “Facts. Most definitely.”‘

Look I know Bortles definitely got the upper hand 10 days ago when the two teams squared off down in Jacksonville. But can we please stop with this crap?

Quotes like these are honestly the reason why I can’t even listen to post-game pressers anymore. While there are certainly those out there who aren’t afraid to speak their mind, for better or worse, 90 percent of athletes always just end up spewing out empty, cliche bullshit that means absolutely nothing and basically comes out of their mouth by rote.

No matter how great a certain player performs in a game, it’s always about “the guys around him.” If a team plays poorly, they just need to “prepare better at practice next week” and “give 110 percent effort in the next game.” If an athlete is taken out of the game too soon, it was simply the “coach’s decision” and they always seem to “understand.”

Look, I get that quips like that are meant to make the athlete look like a team player and not stir the pot. There have also been plenty of times where an athlete is a bit too authentic, and it can cause a firestorm.

But don’t outright lie like this for no reason.

“Facts??!!” THREE separate “most definitelys??!!”

You don’t really believe that, Dede. YOU DON’T. Nobody can seriously be that ignorant. As the once great – and BRUTALLY honest and outspoken – Chad Ochocinco once said:

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Again, it’s not even about the fact that such statements are complete blasphemy and downright disrespectful to the G.O.A.T; it’s about the fact that you think we’re all that dumb, Dede. Sure, I agree that Bortles maybe catches too much flak sometimes – I even said as much in my Pats/Jags game preview – but there are also times when your quarterback plays like a blind nun. He will never come close to even sniffing Brady’s talent or level of success – not now, not in the future, not even in an alternate universe.

The Jags may end up ultimately winning a Super Bowl within the next couple of years, or at least get pretty damn close once again, and I’m not saying Bortles is incapable of getting a ring. But let’s not forget that guys like Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson have rings, too. If the Jags win anything, it’ll be because of their defense, not Blake Bortles.

Am I overreacting a bit here? Maybe. In the grand scheme of things, do Westbrook’s comments mean a damn thing? Probably not. I just couldn’t let this one slip by and thought it might give The 300s clan a good chuckle. Happy Hump Day!


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