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Brady Not Liking Being Called the GOAT is the Most Tom Brady Thing Ever

As comes with the territory of being a Super Bowl champion, both Tom Brady and Julian Edelman, the game’s MVP, were in Disney World on Monday, parading around the Magic Kingdom in celebration after winning the big game the night … Continue reading

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Buy or Sell: Tom Brady’s Plans to “Not only Play Next Year, but Beyond That”

As he does every week, Tom Brady spoke with his buddy Jim Gray of Westwood One on Monday – which also just so happened to be Christmas Eve – and gave Patriots fans what many of them may blindly believe … Continue reading

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Patriots Post-Bye Check In and Quick Look at the Rest of the Season

So mayyyyybe I was a bit too quick to say the Pats locking up a top-two seed in the AFC was a “foregone conclusion” during my last game preview. While the division is still all but ours, that abomination against … Continue reading

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Dede Westbrook Thinks Blake Bortles Can Be as Good as Tom Brady…No Really, Though

In a recent interview with Bleacher Report’s Tyler Dunne, Jacksonville Jaguars second-year wide receiver Dede Westbrook flat-out said he thinks Blake Bortles can easily be as good as Tom Brady. He then doubled and tripled down on the statement after … Continue reading

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An Ode To The GOAT On His 40th Birthday

I’ll admit it: I was a Bledsoe guy. Drafted 1st overall in 1993, as I became a conscious human being, the rocket-armed Washingtonian was the prototype of a QB1 and the guy I was sure would lead us to a … Continue reading

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A Lot of Good Things Have Happened on April 16

We can’t go without mentioning that today is the 17th anniversary of the Patriots drafting Tom Brady. Only two other players drafted in 2000 remain active in the NFL – kicker Sebastian Janikowski and punter Shane Lechler. The day Tom … Continue reading

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