The Citgo Sign is Now Officially a City Landmark in Boston

WCVB – The Boston Landmark Commission has approved giving the Citgo sign located in Kenmore Square official landmark status. The designation helps protect the 60-by-60-foot sign that has stood in Kenmore Square since 1965 from any future development that would move the sign or block its view.

“Nationally and culturally, the sign is of Boston, not of an oil company or a government outside the United States,” Greg Galer, with the Boston Preservation Alliance said. “People in Boston and New England see this sign as a symbol of the city.”

I’m normally opposed to giving a company free advertising, but the Boston Landmark Commission is right; the Citgo sign is a part of the city and should not be touched. It’s iconic, it’s in every famous photo, painting, and bad tattoo honoring the city. I just hope whosever idea this was at Citgo back in 1965 is living a life of luxury because that is the best advertising in the history of advertising.

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