The “Baby One More Time” Video Turned 20 Today, So Happy 20th Anniversary To Every Guy My Age!

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So according to Britney Spears herself’s IG the video for “Baby One More Time” turned 20 today. Huge milestone for the TRL generation. We had the intro to Britney, and a new explosion in pop music all at once.

We also had this all happen centered on a half-naked schoolgirl. I remember at the time thinking she was hot as hell and telling all the adults calling it inappropriate that they were dumb and lame. Us kids were mature! Ya!

Looking back on it WHAT THE FUCK WAS WRONG WITH PEOPLE SHE’S 16. In no wayyyyy shape or form is that ok or appropriate. Jesus.

But good Lord for those of us in 4th-6th gradeish she was our queen. #neverforget.

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