College Football

Urban Meyer to Retire After the Rose Bowl….But For How Long?

10TVThe Ohio State athletics department announces that head coach Urban Meyer will announce his retirement on Tuesday afternoon.

All in all this is just plain confusing. There was speculation Meyer was not feeling too hot a few weeks ago but to most non-lunatic eyes it looked like he was just another overly exasperated coach. Ho hum. Now he is retiring, on the precipice of a Rose Bowl, so maybe he wasn’t doing so hot? Or maybe getting players to come to fucking Ohio just isn’t as easy as Florida? Who knows.

Red doesn’t like me inserting my own biases to bash people on here, but I’m being about as neutral as possible when I say Urban Meyer is the most hateable person in college football next to Nick Saban. Between “leaving Florida for his health” after Tebow was gone to never actually developing his beloved Tebow to be an NFL QB in the first place, to kind of just coming off as a dbag, there really isn’t a whole lot to like. He’s been successful, sure, from Utah all the way up to Ohio State, but not without controversy (Aaron Hernandez, his asshole of a domestic abuser coach this year etc.) and not without just sort of rubbing people the wrong way.

So now that he is “retiring” from Ohio State, what is his next move really? One would assume his first stop is back in the TV studio/booth, but how about after that? My bet? I could see one of the premier teams that have about a season’s left of patience with their current coach reaching out to Urban Meyer after this year. Think LSU, Texas, USC, one of those. At that point he’ll be suddenly 100% healthy and ready to turn a blind eye to battering coaches and homicidal players alike.

I don’t know which would be less shocking, his come back or this “retirement”/


-Joey B


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