The 300s Bloggers’ Joe Flacco Can Still be Elite Next Season Fantasy Football Round Up – Week 14

The end of an era is here.

Today, The Baltimore Ravens officially benched Joe Flacco in favor of Lamar Jackson. This event was so profoundly biting to our generation, the news of it overshadowed a mass shooting in France, the #3 guy in the Vatican going down on sex abuse charges, and whatever shitstorm is the latest to roll through the American political spectrum. Just captivating.

Although there seems to be a Jimmy G, or Carson Wentz, or Josh Allen year after year nowadays, people forget Flacco was the first of the lower-tier school QBs. A 6’6″ rocket-armed, curiously mobile signal caller out of Delaware of all places. He also had a unibrow and was called a loser/shut in by his own Dad within two years of entering the league so idk why I’m so surprised in hindsight. New York Giants fans, YOU’RE NEXT QB!

(Final Note: If you haven’t and need a recommendation, give “Frontier” a watch. Engrossing).

Big Z

Week 14 was a bye week for the Z-Men, so it was a bit irritating to see George Kittle rip off 37 points and Christian McCaffrey rip off 21. Save some for the (fantasy) playoffs, boys!

With McCaffrey and my kicker Wil Lutz going on Monday night in Week 15, there is a definite possibility I will be waking up my neighbors screaming at the tv Monday night.

Papa G

Fantasy season is officially over for me. Red thrashed me pretty good in my only league where I made the playoffs. Welp, time to start my Game of Thrones rewatch.



After suffering through the worst regular season of my fantasy career, it’s nice to know that I will not be finishing in last! “Amari’s Resurrection” beat Red’s squad in the first round of the loser’s bracket and will not be the dreaded Sacko! (It’s sad how excited I am about that, but I’d never recover if I ever finished last in this league. Seriously, I just could not handle that.) And how apropos my team name is, as Amari Cooper went BANANAS again, finishing the afternoon with 46 points on Sunday. (I know. I know. But hey! I already apologized to him publicly two weeks ago for the vitriol and hatred I spewed his way earlier this year.) Now I got a tough matchup this week against Papa Giorgio to get the chance to play for the “Least Sucky Loser” title. Hey, at least it’s something.

I lost in the first round of the loser’s bracket in the other league. My opponent also had Amari Cooper…and Zeke…and Gronk. And I had Cousins, Rivers, and Sony Michel going this week…sooo, yeah. I should be able to fend off a last-place finish against last week’s low-scorer. Dear God, I hope so….


Where to begin….well I lost in one league by 6 points because my opponent, the one and only Mattes, got FOURTY SIX points from the Undertaker, err I mean Amari Cooper. 

In my other league I rolled Papa Giorgio in the first round behind huge days from Christian McCaffrey, Ezekiel Elliott, and Spencer Ware. My prize? A date with the buzzsaw that is the No. 1 seed and a projected 30 point blowout loss. Keep me in your prayers.

Joey B

Lost and will finish the year in both last and last in points for. Not a great year!



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