#RushHourRap – Lupe Fiasco – Kick Push

I’ve been on a Lupe Fiasco kick this week after yesterday’s CRS post. Today I bring you Lupe’s first mega hit in the rap world with Kick Push, his ode to rebellious youth in the form of skateboarding. Lupe dominated the mid-00’s with his albums Food & Liquor in 2006, The Cool in 2007, and probably his most commercially successful album Lasers in 2011. The Cool is without a doubt my top Lupe album, but it’s hard to beat Kick Push in terms of individual tracks.

Before he knew he had a crew
There wasn’t no punk in they spitfire shirts and SB dunks
They would push till they could skate no more
Office building lobbies wasn’t safe no more
And it wasn’t like they wasn’t getting chased no more
Just the freedom was better than breathing they said


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