The Razr is Making a Comeback as a Foldable Smartphone

Techcrunch – Motorola has revived the Razr name a few times over the years, but the once-mighty brand has failed to regain the heights of its early days as an ultra-slim flip phone. But what better time for the phone maker’s parent Lenovo to bring back the brand in earnest as the mobile world is readying itself for a wave of foldable smartphones?

There was nothing more satisfying than snapping your Motorola Razr shut to end a call. Nothing. I remember getting the black one sophomore year of high school and it being the hottest thing in the streets since DVDs. You could use .mp3’s as ringtones, it had like a 1 pixel camera, and you could even use this wizardry called Bluetooth to send and receive files. Crazy.

It was also a simpler time because the only worry you had about your phone was your buddy texting you too much and your parents chewing you out because man those 5¢ text fees add up quick. No worries about smashing the screen or constantly checking your IG to see how many likes your last pic got, no incessant “always on” mentality. That was the biggest perk in my nostalgia book looking back.

So I am ALL for the Razr making a comeback, but do not bring it back as a smart phone. Just do what Nintendo does. Port it. Give me the same exact thing, except charge me the same price for technology thats over a decade old and I will buy it.

Get everyone off social media and in a state of constant contact. I will text you back on my flip phone when free nights and weekends kicks in and not a second sooner.

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