Are Kansas City Fans the Worst Fans in Sports?

Obviously, it’s not fair to call out all Kansas City sports fans after one jackass broke out a laser pointer at a football game. That being said, “Are Boston Fans the Worst Fans in Sports?” would be the headline we’d all be seeing today had a fan in Gillette Stadium pointed a laser at Patrick Mahomes Sunday night. The NFL would investigate. The government shutdown would end so that a congressional investigation could be launched. ESPN would suspend regularly scheduled programming to endlessly cover it for two weeks up until the Super Bowl.

The sports media castigated Boston sports fans after a Chiefs player got beer thrown at him in October. Will we hear the same condemnation of Kansas City fans after a fan pointed a laser at Patriots players? A week after they threw snowballs at Indianapolis Colts players? Don’t hold your breath.

I’m not condoning what the Patriots fan did in October. Throwing objects at athletes is unacceptable. Fans who throw objects at athletes are morons and should get tossed. But pointing a laser at an athlete while on the field of play seems a bit more serious.

While I don’t want to see LASERGATE, I do hope the Chiefs and the NFL find the fan responsible for this incident and punish them accordingly. Spectators who point lasers should be punished at least as harshly as spectators who throw objects on the field. Neither is acceptable behavior at a sporting event.

A Patriots spokesman told the Boston Herald the team had no comment, but was aware of the news. Smart move. I hope the Patriots stiff arm this story and move on. There’s no need for them to get caught up in another bye-week sideshow. I only post it here in case the Worldwide Leader doesn’t get to it.

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