The Tampa Bay Rays Stole My Idea and Will No Longer Accept Cash at Games. Cards Only

Cash is out. Despite the fact that I carry around a money clip, debit cards and credit cards are king these days. Hell I even have a Venmo card in my wallet as I type this. I have five forms of financing in my pocket right now, six if you count the punch card with a free burrito on it, but zero dollars in cash. You know why? Because I will take cash out, then I will spend it immediately and it will be gone. Then I’m back to square one.

I will say carrying cash is a great way to shame yourself out of spending more money. Oh I already spent $40 on booze? Hmm should probably call it a night. Whereas with the magic plastic card covering everything, thats a problem for future Red.

So to go the complete opposite route of the bars that accept cash only, the Tampa Bay Rays will be accepting cards only. Love it. Take your dollar bills to the strip club. We’re here to spend some fake money. Swipe swipe.

PS – It was too easy to lead with a joke about the irony of the Tampa Bay Rays straight up refusing cash while they finish dead last in attendance every year.

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