NFL Draft Mini-Blog – NCAA All-Time Leader in Sacks Jaylon Ferguson Gets Offer to Combine Rescinded

So I’m not linking to an article. Why you ask? Well, because I don’t have a ton to write about on the situation so pasting a blurb explaining it would pretty much dry out my quill. Elaborate I shall.

Jaylon Ferguson became the NCAA’s ALL-TIME LEADER in sacks this past season. The 6’5 262 lbs defensive end wracked 45 Involuntary Knee-Downs over the past four years, ending his career with 17.5 this past season (in 13 games). The reason you may have not heard of Ferguson, or of the record being set, is that he plays at non-powerhouse Louisiana Tech. The Bulldog program has most famously produced Super Bowl winner and HOF QB Terry Bradshaw, but has also turned out a solid smattering of talent throughout its years including HOF Offensive Tackle Willie Roaf. That said they obviously aren’t a name brand school and play in a small conference so when of their D-Ends goes off like this, it gets overlooked and chalked up to playing against lesser competition, etc.

As for the NCAA’s new record holder in career sacks and his recent banishment from the combine, well I call bullshit. Basically, he got in a fight his freshman year and picked up a  battery conviction for it. I’ll answer the two question possibly at the tip of your tongues right now. And NO I did not do any research (apart from the one story I read about this) – I am a man of honor – you can just learn a lot from the first couple of lines of stories in the list of Google results for a man’s name.

1.) There is no indication whatsoever this involved a woman or was any kind of domestic altercation. I feel like especially in this day and age that would be called out in black and white and up front if it was the case.
2.) In case you’re softer than a baby’s ass, there is also no indication this was any kind of “bullying” incident. I saw nothing that made me believe Ferguson gave a member of the band a pink belly or something like that.

This was literally described as a “scuffle.” An 18 year old kid got in a fight and got charged for it. He also got convicted. The fact that he has indeed been playing football tells me he indeed paid some sort of penalty as well. So why the fuck, pray-tell, four years later does the NCAA not only not allow him to participate in the combine, but really stick it to the guy in the form of inviting him then rescinding the invitation. From a thousand foot view of the philosophy of punishing people for stuff in order for them to learn to not do it again and that it was wrong, how does fucking this kid over four years AFTER HE HAS ALREADY BEEN PUNISHED really help anything? It doesn’t. It just potentially screws him out of hundreds of thousands of dollars (he’s looked at as a mid-late rounder so I’m not going to go overboard saying they cost him millions).

Really, how many times can we say “this is the NCAA at its worst.” It just sucks that such a corrupt, ridiculous organization is allowed to run something as lucrative as college sports. I have not voted once in my life but if a presidential candidate got up right now and said “if I win in 2020 I am going to punch Mark Emmert directly in the face” BOOM the Joey B lobby goes directly in his or her direction.

And yes I am now a huge Jaylon Ferguson stan. Let’s go Belichick do the smart thing.

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