The Manny Machado Contract is All a Matter of Perspective

After I heard about the massive $300 Million contract the Padres gave Manny Machado I tweeted that how you view it is all a matter of perspective. How you view this deal is a direct reflection on where you are in life.

If you’re a young dumb college kid then you drag an athlete for going to a team that in all likelihood will struggle to even make the playoffs. Why would a competitor ever want to do that? Whereas a 30 year old me goes in a much different direction. You’re going to pay me more money than anybody in the history of the sport to go live in sunny San Diego?

Give me the goddamn pen right now. I would move to California tonight for even a moderate bump in compensation because I am an adult with real world problems and student loans to pay. Grow up, 20-year old me.

With that being said, Manny Machado ruined Dustin Pedroia’s career so I hope he goes the way of Robinson Cano and is never heard from again spending the next decade playing in front of half empty stadiums on a 70 win team.

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