I Am Officially Spooked About Dustin Pedroia’s Knee

NESN – For the second time this month, Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia has been placed on the 10-day disabled list with left knee inflammation. Pedroia had surgery on the knee last October, but it has been problematic for much of this season. The move back to the DL on Saturday comes just four days after Pedroia was activated. Pedroia served as the designated hitter on Tuesday at Tropicana Field and was out of the lineup on Wednesday and again on Friday following an off-day for the Red Sox.

I feel like this is a story line thats flown under the radar because the Red Sox have been killing it lately. Particularly the guys that have been shuffling around to fill in for Dustin Pedroia like Eduardo Nunez and Rafael Devers have been playing especially well. So people haven’t really seemed too concerned with Pedroia as of late. Except he just went back on the DL with the same knee injury, less than a week after coming off the DL. Four days after being activated to be exact. I am officially spooked.

This all goes back to the first time Pedroia went on the DL and Dave Dombrowski dropped a quote that made me do a double take. He said Pedroia’s knee injury is something that Dustin will have to monitor for “the rest of his career”

After just thinking the injury was related to that dickhead Manny Machado spiking him at second base earlier this year, Dombrowski basically turned me into a frantic soccer mom with one sentence. Whether Dombrowski intentionally revealed that or if it was just a slip of the tongue, you’ve got to seriously wonder what is going on with Pedroia’s knee.

Being a guy thats played through a multitude of injuries over the years, I think people take that for granted. People just expect him to come back and play through injuries regardless of what they are. He is a smaller guy who takes a beating playing his position very aggressively and those little nagging injuries eventually catch up with you and turn into larger debilitating injuries and spawn trips to the DL.

Hopefully its just an instance of one injury flaring up on him and not the beginning of the decline. Especially for a guy who prides himself on being out there (he’s played 135+ games 5 out of the last 6 years) the Red Sox could be forced to more carefully monitor Pedroia’s innings. Remember when Pedey busted his foot, the guy was out at second taking BP ground balls on his knees? He’s signed for 4 more years through 2021 so the Red Sox are going to want to make sure he’s good to go rather than just running him into the ground. In the meantime, doesn’t hurt to have your replacement batting a cool .400

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